Compassionate Action for Animals hosted its first bags/cornhole tournament on June 4. 2022.  $1,222 was raised to help save the lives of farmed animals.  And lots of fun occurred in the process!

This fundraising event exceeded expectations with the full 16 teams participating plus a dozen others signing up to cheer them on.  Pups came to help cheer their people on too!  All participants got a  Sociable Cider Werks drink along with a CAA tee shirt.  Food was available from all-vegan Francis Burger Joint.

While the fabulous drinks, food and socializing with like-minded folks were certainly highlights, focus remained on the competition. Four winners were announced:

1st place – Gamecocks (the father-son duo of Martin Krage & Adam Krage)
2nd place – Budz (Ryan McGrath & Joey Heuring)
3rd place – I Paid for These Bags (Justin Wiggins & Sarah McAllister)
Consolation Bracket champs – MildCats (Joshua Truong & Mike Boevers)

Winning teams received a medal as well as a basket of swag that included gift cards to Sociable Cider Werks and Francis Burgers and a cupcake from Vegan East. And bragging rights, of course!

Ryan McGrath won the cash raffle. He won half the $120 we raised.  He was also a member of the second place team Budz (His lucky day!).

Thank you to all who supported our work for animals by participating or volunteering. Your generosity helps increase the number of individuals and institutions choosing plant-based foods, strengthens food justice in our community, and spreads compassion for animals.

This event was coordinated by the Compassionate Action for Animals Board of Directors. In particular we would like to thank those that formed the planning committee: Board members: Alyssa Foggia, Nathan Gaut, Chris Homsey, Julie Knopp and Henry Patterson and development committee member Mitch Bermel.

If you participated in this event we would love your feedback here.