Kristen (she/her) has joined us a first time volunteer this year. She plunged right in with taking on the role of handling the Twitter social media for the Twin Cities Veg Fest.

As with so many of our Festival volunteers, Kristen got attracted to this role because of a past positive experience at the Twin Cities Veg Fest! She first came to the festival in 2018 and had so much fun she wanted to volunteer to make sure that this continues to be a great event.

She also appreciates the mission of the festival and wants to do what she can to support it. While she hasn’t been very active with Twitter before she is excited to be learning this new skill and to be putting it to use for a great cause she believes in!

Kristen loves animals, and in particular her dog. Her boyfriend is a “great vegan chef” and she really enjoys his meals and learning about great new vegan food.

She also loves meeting people who share her interests and values—especially in helping the community.

Her hobbies are spending time with her dog and “the awesome human folks in my life.” She also loves reading, knitting and spending time outside in nature.