We are sad to be saying goodbye to CAA’s Design Director, Emily Nyberg (she/they), at the end of June 2022. Emily has brought her considerable talents to benefit CAA since September 2018. Her outstanding contributions have moved the organization forward and helped in its growth. In addition, she will be remembered for her insights, skills, positivity and team spirit. She will be greatly missed.

She started as our full time Communication Coordinator. In that role she directed the full range of our communication efforts—from Social Media to newsletters and magazines.

Emily connected with CAA’s mission at the Twin Cities Veg Fest and other events around Minneapolis before becoming communications coordinator. She has a background in music non-profit work and marketing. She brought to the CAA team her experience in graphic design, video production, music event planning and organization, social media management, website management, and more.

In 2020, Emily decided to go back to school in a Master’s program. Her goal is to become involved with an integrative clinic that offers community acupuncture and support individuals with their own health and wellness goals.  As such, she needed to shift her schedule with us to be part time. She continued with the graphic design aspect of her work as our Design Director.

At this stage of her education she finds she needs to shift to be a full time student. She will be spending the next year focusing on developing her skills in clinic rotations and finishing up the coursework for the master’s portion of the program to prepare for boards and licensure.

At this bittersweet transition we remember the many accomplishments Emily has made for CAA:

  • Brought the design of CAA’s publications to a new level including Twin Cities Veg Living, the Annual Report, and the new CAA brochure
  • Instrumental involvement in launching the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge
  • Expansion of CAA’s social media reach and presence
  • Support for numerous CAA volunteers

While she will be greatly missed we know she will be an asset to the community in her new field. Please join us in sharing your appreciations and best wishes. We have set up this page for you to share a note with her: https://www.kudoboard.com/

Emily shared these final words: “I am grateful to everyone I’ve worked with during my time at CAA. CAA’s work with individuals and institutions continues to grow and evolve into new and engaging programs that imagine a better world for all animals, human and non-human, and CAA is what it is today because of the dedication, vision, and passion of everyone involved with this organization and in the Twin Cities community. The work CAA volunteers, board, and staff do together has always centered on connecting with people wherever they’re at and finding ways to make moving toward a veg lifestyle accessible and sustainable, and it’s been really special to have had a supporting role in that mission through design and communications work for CAA the past few years.”